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Castle Tour 2017 – Twelfth Night

Castle Tour 2017 – Twelfth Night
06.06.2017 - 07.06.2017

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Castle Tour 2017 – Open-Air-Theateraufführung im Schlosshof
Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

In englischer Sprache - Bei ungünstiger Witterung im Rittersaal.

Dienstag, 6. Juni 2017, 19.30 Uhr   Vorstellung ausverkauft
Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017, 19.30 Uhr

Abendkasse und Theaterbar offen ab 18.30 Uhr.

Vorverkauf bis 13.5.2017: oder 062 891 61 77
Vorverkauf ab 16.5.2017: Tourismus Lenzburg Seetal, Kronenplatz 24, Lenzburg, Tel. 062 886 45 42,


Die Komödie "Was ihr wollt" (engl. Twelfth Nigth, or What Yu Will)) wurde von William Shakespeare um das Jahr 1601 verfasst. 
Viola hat ein Schiffsunglück vor der Küste Illyriens überlebt, bei dem ihr Zwillingsbruder Sebastian ums Leben gekommen zu sein scheint. Viola beschließt, als Knabe verkleidet in die Dienste des Herzogs Orsino zu treten, der über Illyrien herrscht. Orsino ist unsterblich verliebt in die Gräfin Olivia, die aber aus Trauer um ihren verstorbenen Bruder sieben Jahre lang ihr Gesicht verschleiern und die Gesellschaft von Männern meiden will. Die als Mann verkleidete Viola, die sich jetzt Cesario nennt, gewinnt rasch die Gunst Orsinos und wird von ihm beauftragt, seine Liebesbotschaften an Olivia zu übermitteln. Olivia verliebt sich jedoch in den „jungen Mann“ Cesario, während Cesario/Viola Gefallen am Herzog gefunden hat ...

Summary (Inhalt):

This is Shakespeare’s greatest and last pure comedy, the master at the height of his art. The play explores the great obsessions of human life: love, jealousy, class, gender, greed and passion. And if it explores the serious within us it also revels in merriment: drinking has a key place as does song and laughter in all its forms from melancholy wit to slapstick comedy. The enemy of laughter is the butt of the play’s humour: Malvolio the Puritan, a spoil sport in the palaces of fun. Set against Malvolio’s malevolence is the swashbuckling joy of Sir Toby Belch, the mischievous servant Maria and the wit of the wise clown, Feste. No play of Shakespeare has so many characters in what might be called a main role: plots interweave with subplots until we are almost giddy. At the centre of the many deceptions stands Viola, an extraordinary creation, a woman who prefers to be a man and as such provokes a love she cannot return in the Lady Olivia while cultivating an impossible passion for her manly master, Orsino. Meanwhile her (lost) twin brother Sebastian appears to rouse the passions of one Antonio while accidentally securing the hand of Lady Olivia. Nothing is what it seems: life and love collide and create a comedy of errors that confusion even as it reveals the essential truth of human nature: perhaps nothing is what it appears to be, but beneath appearances the truth will out ant the truth is very much to do with love.

TNT, directed by Paul Stebbings, have been producing Shakespeare’s comedies worldwide for over ten years to great acclaim. An ensemble of veteran performers has been gathered to grapple with this magnificent work, with music added live under the direction of composer John Kenny. We invite you into a wonderland, created by the greatest storyteller ever to grace the planet, one who liked and loathed a puritan and above all knew how to dissect love, which is both tragic and hilarious: the most powerful emotion known to us stumbling humans.


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